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CBD Coffee Grounds

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By CBDNutrition Online

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100% Organic
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Lab Tested
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CBD Coffee Grounds

CBD has come up with a new method of ingestion – CBD infused beverages! CBD teas and coffees allow you to get all the benefits of CBD in the form of a beverage that revives and rejuvenates your body. Coffee and tea are known to keep your mind alert, active and refreshed. Why not team it with CBD to get more benefits and advantages?

CBD coffee grounds offers all the benefits of cannabinoids, now available in the form of coffee, a refreshing way of CBD consumption. The coffee is soaked in CBD to give you ultimate health benefits. The purest form of CBD is used to formulate this coffee. It contains no THC and won’t make you high. It has the potential to heal all kinds of wounds and inflammations.

How To Use It?

This bag contains 20 servings. Add 2 tablespoons of this coffee to one cup of hot water.


  • Avoid excess consumption
  • Avoid pairing it with grape juice
  • Avoid taking warfarin and CBD coffee grounds at the same time. Taking both at the same time may lead Warfarin to stay in your system for a long duration without being broken down.

Storage Instructions

This coffee should be stored away from heat and light and kept in a dry place. Also, keep it away from children and it is also advised to take your physician’s advice if you’re pregnant, nursing or suffering from any other medical conditions.


100mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Roasted and infused in Arizona, Serving size per bag: Approx 20 servings 5 MG Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per serving

Benefits 1. Keeps you alert, calm and focusedg, 2. Boosts mood, 3. Alleviates inflammation and arthritis, 4. Has the ability to combat psychological issues, 5. Eases depression and chronic anxiety

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