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The history of CBD

A lot of people believe that CBD has recently emerged to fall under the category of an innovative supplement which is not true. CBD can be traced back to the 1940s, when Roger Adams discovered an extracted form of CBD from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Though, he was completely unaware of this invention of a chemical compound. After a few years, Adams with other scientists started conducting research on CBD and its benefits.

According to the archaeologists, “Cannabis Sativa,” plant dates back to 10,000 years ago and hemp was primarily used by farmers to condition the soil. The Chinese Emperor Shen-Nung had used hemp as a medicine in 2737 B.C. Moreover, the emperor also used hemp extracted oil for alleviating pain and creating topical for combating skin diseases. During the 1700’s hemp was highly used by people, especially the pregnant women. The medical use of hemp popularized in the 1800’s in Europe and the US. Moreover, it is reported that Queen Victoria would use CBD for managing menstrual pain during that era.

To find out its effect on human, in 1946 Dr. Walter S. Loewe a lab test of CBD on rabbits and mice. This helped in finding that CBD didn’t alter the state of mind. Soon, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam (known to be the godfather of modern cannabis) took over the research and identified the actual difference between THC and CBD along with the structural formation. This result helped in conducting further research on active cannabinoids while learning its potential benefits.

Around the 1970s, the first CBD tincture was formulated containing full spectrum CBD for therapeutic purposes. After a decade, Dr. Mechoulam along with South American researchers discovered that CBD could help in improving the condition of epilepsy in a double-blind clinical trial. California was the first state to legalize CBD which was further followed by Oregon, Alaska, and Washington in 1998, Maine in 1999, and Hawaii, Nevada, and Colorado in 2000.

In 2013 the most prolific case took a turn when 3 years old Charlotte Figi was treated with CBD oil to fight against severe seizure up to 300 grand mal seizures every week. Almost 99% of her seizures were treated with high CBD content and this caught a great attention throughout the world. Moreover, CNN also aired a special documentary on marijuana and its medicinal benefits. 2014 witnessed many states where medical marijuana was illegal passed legislation for legalization. In a couple of years, CBD received a federal acknowledgment whereas, in 2018, the U.S Food and Drug Administration gave a nod of approval to use Epidiolex (CBD) an oral solution for treating seizures.

CBD in today’s world

The people today have realized the potential benefits of the CBD and started incorporating into their daily lives for healing multiple conditions and overall health and wellness. Even though CBD is now legal in all 50 states, there are certain cases when it still stands illegal. The entire chapter of the CBD product being legal completely relies on the state of manufacture and whether it is formulated from hemp or marijuana.

Moreover, CBD has been used today for treating numerous conditions and symptoms right from alleviating anxiety to chronic pain. Since CBD has become the hottest trend in the medical industry, many online websites are offering different CBD infused products such as Gummies, Vape, Oil, Coffee, Topical balm, cream, and lotion. Those who are athletes or have an active lifestyle, frequently use CBD based products to alleviate muscle tension post workout. A lot of users have replaced traditional prescription drugs with CBD claiming that it has helped them a great and deal effectively with the condition without any side effects.

CBD in future

We all know the future is unpredictable. Looking at the growing popularity and a host of health benefits that CBD has to offer, it is more likely that demand will be on the rise in the future. Several scientists are endlessly conducting research and clinical trials to know other potential benefits of CBD.


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